Why should I choose WP Blender to take care of my WordPress website?

Our team are dedicated experts who will take care of your WordPress site for you. We provide 24/7 security, support and service. We love WordPress and will work around the clock to protect your website, keep on top of updates, backups and assist you with content edits and more.

What do you mean by ‘unlimited 24/7 content updates’?

By ‘unlimited 24/7 content updates’ we mean exactly that. If you need a piece of content updated on your website, you submit a content update request via our easy to use support system, and we process those changes for you. Unlimited 24/7 content updates do not include design or graphic work of any kind, custom development, building a new website, etc. But if you want us to update a piece of text, replace or add an image, change plugin settings, or do minor CSS adjustments, we’re here for you. We’ll also add a new post, page or product to your website. And unlimited really means unlimited. We won’t impose any monthly quotas on you, we won’t ask you to pay extra.

Which plan is best for me?

We have three WordPress care plans, each of them is offering a great set of features, and at a good price, too. WP Essentials is suitable for anyone who’s just getting started and want peace of mind. WP Care is a comprehensive solution for speed and security. WP Care Pro is our all in one solution with priority support and a whole lot more. WP Care Pro is best suited for WordPress based e-commerce site owners and digital agencies.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, we’ll email you instructions on how to send us your website and web hosting access details via a secure form. Once we have them, we’ll add your website to our system. This usually takes anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Depending on what care plan you subscribe to, we’ll also perform analysis of your website to identify potential security and performance problems, and apply necessary fixes.

Do I need to move my website from my existing web host in order to use your services?

Absolutely not. We’ll be happy to take care of your website no matter where it’s hosted. We may however, depending on our initial performance assessment, recommend you move it elsewhere or use our own WordPress-optimised web hosting service instead.

Do you offer web hosting service as well?

We do. It’s WordPress-optimised so your website will be super-fast, giving you the edge! Our web servers are located in the EU, and we are fully GDPR compliant. We also have servers in Canada for our North American customers. Our server admins make sure everything runs smoothly and securely to prevent unauthorised access to your website’s data. Hosting your website with us also improves resolution times in case where the problem preventing your website from operating properly is caused by web server’s misconfiguration or some other internal issues that your own web host would take a long time to sort out.

How do you protect my website from being hacked?

We implement security best practices that prevent any form of dictionary (brute force) attack aimed at getting access to your admin area and database. We also have our system scan for unauthorised changes of your website’s core, theme, and plugins files. On top of this, we do IP lockouts, update security keys, and add 2-factor authentication so even if someone guesses (or steals) your password, they won’t be able to login and access your sensitive data. Our system is set to run automated malware scans and blacklist monitoring. At the first sign of trouble, it notifies us immediately.

Do you do custom WordPress Care plans?

Our three care plans are built to accommodate a variety of websites from basic blogs to complex e-commerce or membership portals where the core, theme, and plugin files were not customised. Customisations are usually lost if you go about security and featured updates the usual way. If you have a website that depends on some form of code customisation and would still like to enjoy our services, do get in touch and we’ll prepare a WordPress care plan tailored to your needs.

What are the response and resolution times?

This depends on which care plan you subscribed to and on the nature of your support query. WP Care Pro clients get priority treatment, which means that their support requests are completed by a member of our care team within 6 hours. Support requests submitted by our WP Care and WP Essentials are dealt with within 24 hours. These response times apply to single task requests. If you submit multiple tasks at once in a single support request, these will be broken down into and handled as multiple support request. Resolution times may be longer in this case. Should it happen and your website goes down, our care team is notified within five minutes. It is tough to say exactly how long a down website will take to be back up and running again as the reasons for it to be inoperative may vary quite a bit. But rest assured we’ll do everything we can to get your website back in full swing in no time!

Can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can. If you feel you’d like more of our services, we’ll be happy to upgrade you.

Can I downgrade at any time?

Of course, and although we may ask why, we certainly won’t prevent you from doing so.

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment made on both the monthly and annual care plans are charged in advance. The service period of your plan starts on the day you first make the purchase and runs for the duration of the subscription plan chosen and shown on the order. Payments are non refundable. 

Do you do phone support?

We are an online-only business. Out team members are scattered all over the world, providing support through our easy to use support system, email and live chat is just so much more efficient. Great and fast customer support is very important to us and we’ll do all we can to respond to your queries as quickly as humanly possible.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. If you’d like to find out more, check out our Affiliates page.

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